• Preservation/Restoration & Renovation Planning

• Feasibility Assessments

• Theatre Building Preservation Estimating, Planning & Implementation

• Restoration Construction Coordination

• Budgeting, Time lines, Scheduling, ADA Compliance

Historic Theatre Operations

• Programming Infrastructure

• Stage, Audio, Cinema and Video Projection Equipment Specification

• Patron/Guest Services

• Venue Branding, Marketing & Public Relations, Ticketing, Hospitality, Seating,

• Crowd Management Systems

• Venue Programming

• Live Entertainment, Cinema, Children’s Events, Private Rentals,

• Scheduling Systems

• Staffing, Volunteer Resources, Board Recruitment, Training and Retention

Funding Resources

• Federal, State and Local Funding Resources Identification

• Tax Credits (Historic and New Markets)

• Grant Resources Identification

• Special Event Concepts, Planning & Budgeting

• Tools and Techniques for Individual Board and Staff Solicitations